Caitlin Sanders

The greatest mystery of all.

Last night I went to great lengths…

All to see a sweet, simple, glorious statue of Mother Mary.

Even her image evokes a feeling of such love, being held in the arms of the Divine, knowing you are not alone.


I’m learning to follow the guidance.

And I’m learning to be patient with myself. To go slow + not feel like I have to get it right all at once.

All will unfold in perfect timing.

And it will for all of us,

each step we take, all leading us, guiding us closer + closer to all that is Divine.


God calls us in mysterious ways.

Things don’t always make logical sense. And this is part of the beauty.

Can we pay attention and heed the call even when our mind says otherwise?

(realizing that if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have seen that blessed statue last night)


To me this is the greatest question and the greatest mystery of all. The greatest task unto which we are called forth.

And with every ounce of glory that lies within us,

We answer the call.

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