Caitlin Sanders

“It’s only in your head, you feel left out, or looked down on…”

Today as I was thinking of a dear friend who, as far as I’m concerned, flat out rescued me in junior high.

She saw something in me that I was not yet able to see in myself.

=   =   =

This was from a long time ago but still seems worth publishing…because sometimes it seems like we need the help of others to reflect back the truth that we are. To act as mirrors through which we can see our own eternal reflection. The infinite space–the sparkle of life that lives within each of us.

Sometimes it takes that connection with someone else–a knowing that we’re not the only one, that there’s someone else out there who believes in us. This very feeling, this thought, this belief has the power to set us free.

Once we realize that all is working together to support us, to lift us up, to know more fully our own potential and then REALIZE that potential, life becomes one heck of an extraordinary adventure!

And I love this. :) Smiling now, thinking of you and all of the grandness of life that is trying to be lived through you.

My dad had it right when he threw that Carpe Diem out wherever he could.

The present moment really is our safest place to live. It is here that we know we’re not alone–people nearby or otherwise.

It is in this deeper connection that we find that we’re never alone. We never have been and we never will be.

I was talking to a different friend recently and that was one of the things that poured through me was that now I am safe–that I’ve realized the one post important thing, this connection up to the Divine, and God and Mother, and Jesus, and Myself, and all the Angels and Guides who support me is the only thing that can truly never be taken away.

I always thought there was this mystery this fear surrounding death. That in the end, there’s nobody left but you–that you must face it on your own.

But this isn’t true.

I know now, with every fiber of my being, with every cell in my body that there are people there for us. Even those who die without a single soul around–no matter the suffering, no matter the tragedy–no matter how scary, or terrifying or how much upheaval and horror surrounds or fills them–they are NEVER alone. They always have the love of God by their sides. Always.

Always and always.

And with that, may this reflect to you that you are so perfectly watched over and cared for–no matter how it feels or what you’ve done. You would care for a sweet little animal or child with every ounce of strength and compassion, and tenderness and care that you have within you. Trust that the same is true of your Heavenly Mother and Father. Let them be there for you. Let them guide you and support you and make your path straight.

The straight path is not necessarily a rigid one–it is the one that is crafted and cleared and made new for you in each moment by the Angels and Guides that support and love you every step of the way.

Allowing this space to give them permission to assist you, to ask for their help–this is where the future becomes bright. Because then on a new level they can go to work on your behalf, going before you–clearing the way.

It is only for you to decide. But know that you are never, never, EVER alone.

Even in your aloneness you are watched over with care.

As I type this right now I ask that you be watched over and blessed with every bit of golden light from beings you love surrounding you with ease and grace, and comfort and peace.

They are yours.

They are here for YOU.

You are there reason they’re here to support. Let them support you. :) They will be so happy to, I know!

May you be blessed today in every way,

With abundance and grace,

And plenty of space–

To see the bright, shiny you

That is ready to come through.




(Quotation: Song by Jimmy Eat World) — a favorite of mine from high school.

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