In the end, everything will be okay.

I stand staring at the little pink piece of paper in my hand. A lovely and elegant script, just waiting for me to be ready to read it.

To the daughter of the Divine, it says.

I stand, anxious, unsure of how to proceed… how could I read something so precious–with such a grand title. A declaration.

An entrance.

I’ve always heard when the name of God calls, you listen. No matter what you’ve believed before, no matter how you’ve felt or any choice you’ve ever made or worldview you’ve ever held…

When you are called by name–

you answer.

you just do.

Because what else is there to do but accept such a lovely invitation.

The invitation is gentle, patient. Steady, and strong.

It will sit on your coffee table and wait as long as you’d like to wait. And when you’re ready,

she’ll be there.

Ready to welcome you with open arms, a good belly laugh, and a smile that could light up the whole world.

A light that in fact, does light up the world for those of us with eyes to see it.

So allow your eyes to be transformed today. Ask how your eyes can see with the love and light of God that streams through them–

All places, people, things.

All wildlife, all trees–all planets and stars.

We are players, only a part of this intricate and miraculous spinning web.

How can you make your part count?

How can your part of the web be as peaceful and free as possible?

Therefore is your invitation today, blessed one. May you find the peace within yourself and help to set all hearts free.

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