The true glimmer of hope in all of life’s seasons

This is the #Truthbomb that recently popped up for me on Danielle LaPorte’s super fun new app.


what time is it in your life


It didn’t even take five seconds for the phrase, “a time of letting go,” to come to mind.  The last year and a half of illness has felt like an opening, a great expanse dedicated to letting go.


What time is it in YOUR life?


Perhaps you’re in the space of an exciting new beginning, or feel like your life is soaring along beautifully, and if that’s the case, then I send you three cheers and a big high five!


Maybe you have a new goal or dream you’re working towards that it is feeling harder to reach than you thought it would be, and you’re pressing forward with resilience and a steady flutter of passion and excitement in your heart.


It could be that you’ve experienced a disappointment or loss that has brought with it great pain and strong emotions that you’re trying to figure your way through.


Or maybe, like me, you’ve had illness or something else come crashing into your life like a wrecking ball and you’re in the space of letting ALL the old stuff fall away at once.


Or perhaps you’ve made it through the demolition phase and are now dreaming of something new, your heart and mind filled with the joy of possibilities.


No matter where any of us are in our lives, I’d love for us to take a moment to savor the fact that hope is always there, just like the sun.  Even though clouds may block some of the light or keep us from feeling its warmth, there’s no question about the fact that it is still there shining on the other side.


Believing in the presence of hope and trusting it will endure, standing the test of time and trials, is the very thing that will help us to see it again and feel those delicate and nourishing rays that help brighten our very being.


In what has felt like an endless cycle of getting excited about a new treatment, only to have my hopes dashed, again and again, I’ve found a new way of thinking about hope.


Even in in my darkest moments, I’ve held a little glimmer hope in my heart.  This glimmer comes from the discovery that it doesn’t matter how large the flame of hope feels in the candle of your heart.  It doesn’t even matter if there is a flicker at all because the moment that it seems to be gone is the moment you find comfort in the deeper truth, that the precious wick remains.


Our hope lies not in the fact that the candle will never burn out or be blown out, but in the fact that the wick can always be relit to shine and glow again.


And it is in this hope that we find the courage to focus on what we want with our entire heart and mind, bringing it closer and closer to us with each flip of the calendar, with the passing of each sunset, and with each breath we take.


May hope shine brightly within you always,




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