An imperfect step in the direction of my inner eagle’s dreams

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As the first time for me to publish something on the blog in a couple of months, I wanted to put together a pretty and perfectly polished post for you.


This sent me on a short boat ride through some agonizing thought waves.


What was I thinking when I promised I’d have a blog post out this week?  I should have prepared some blog posts BEFORE taking the leap and making promises.  Should my about page say something different?  I have every hope in the world that I’ll continue to get better, so what if I become completely healthy and want to write about something different?  I don’t want to keep changing things left and right and make myself seem unreliable.


You get the idea.  Lots of doubts.  Lots of shoulds.  And lots of me wanting to be able to see the full picture and get everything right from the start.


It is an example of me trying to navigate what Martha Beck calls Mouse Vision vs. Eagle Vision.  You see, the eagle in me has big dreams for this blog.  It can see far off into the distance and can imagine incredible things.  But as the mouse, I can only see what’s right in front of me.  Not knowing what the official title of the blog will be long term or which topics and themes will stand the test of time.


My mouse self REALLY wants all of the details.  And it wants to know exactly the right thing to do so it can skip to the grand vision as quickly as possible.


But as the mouse, all I can do is take the best step forward that I know how to take in the direction of the eagle’s vision.


So here I am.  Writing about my experience and sharing it with you, instead of trying to write about what I thought my first post back should be about.  So it may not be pretty or perfectly polished like I’d hoped, but that’s part of what makes it beautiful.  The imperfection makes it real.  And sharing something real and authentic is always beautiful.


It comes down to letting go of perfection and the need to get it juuuust right from the very beginning.  Besides, neither of those things even exist!  Incredible creations come to be by trying, failing, adjusting, and trying again.  Over and over.


We can alternate mouse vision and eagle vision.  We can use and balance the strengths of both.  And we can keep the spirit of the eagle’s vision alive in our hearts WHILE taking only one step at a time as the mouse.


What grand vision does your inner eagle have?  As the mouse, what’s one imperfect step you can take in that direction?


I would LOVE to hear your comments about the post and your answers to these questions in the thread on the Facebook page!


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