What living in gratitude is REALLY like



Today is one of those days where it is hard to feel thankful.  Where my fingers ache as I try to type this, and the vibration-filled sound of the leaf blowers outside fill my whole body like I’m a human tuning fork getting tapped over and over without escape.

But that’s the point.  Gratitude isn’t always easy.  Seeing something to be thankful for when everything feels rotten takes work – a conscious effort.

And at a time when everything, literally everything, is physically harder than usual and requires substantial effort, I often wonder if I have enough energy left to dedicate to the cause.

It’s like being zoomed in so closely on the view of a rose that all you can see are the thorns and tangled mess of leaves.  And it’s only when you take a step back, and broaden your view, that you can see the petals coming together to form a delicate blossom.

So no matter how little energy there is to give, I offer what I have in each moment.

I’m thankful for the spirit of resilience within me that makes living in gratitude possible.  For it is the strength, the fuel, that keeps me looking for the good, no matter what it takes.

And each time I make the choice to give my best in this practice of thanksgiving, it allows me to discover something beautiful, a sometimes small but always generous reward.

When you zoom out, your view might still contain more thorns than petals, but whatever glimpse you have of the beauty, embrace it, treasure it, and allow it to be enough.  Allow it to bring you just the hope you need for this moment.

P.S. I’m also thankful that part of the way through typing this post, those people in charge of the leaf blowers decided to move on and now that I’ve finished, my fingers are feeling a bit more nimble.

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