Beauty in the sunrise

Beauty in the sea

Beauty in the big grass field

completely surrounding me


Open spaces I seek

Open spaces I’ve found

Finally the space within

the place where beauty abounds.

Sweet little bird.

Sitting on the floor today with Dino, one leg bent, the other outstretched–Dino snuggled up in the little crook of my knee, sweet eyes looking up at me. Offering myself the sweet quiet space my body so desires. Nurturing and...

Today is a new beginning

A friend sent me a card in the mail several years ago–one of those craft paper style ones from Trader Joe’s. On the front there was a delicate illustration of a bird on a branch and along the side, a...

Gentle afternoon rain

  Last week I attended a performance: gentle afternoon rain.   It was warm enough outside that my bedroom window was open. As I finished cooking some veggies in the kitchen, I thought I heard a slight mist. It seemed...