A Soul’s Joy

Hello, Beautiful Souls,


The sunlight is streaming in so beautifully today.


I had a glass of water on the table earlier and you should have seen the way the light came in and refracted to create such a beautiful prism shape on the table. :)


I literally gasped with joy!


I love the way these little surprises seem to be around every corner for me these days…


The way they always make my day and help me feel so loved.



You are such a beautiful and radiant soul.


Part of the reason I say soul, or that it now holds even more special significance for me is because now when I see or say the word, I see the image of the crystal from Dr. Emoto’s work, with the shape of the crystal, the form the water took when exposed to the word soul.


And I think it’s so beautiful!


So stunning and perfectly radiant and open, and perfectly restored.



So may you remember your wholeness today.

May you look around your life and see that nothing is as real as it seems to be, that all is living and flowing through you, all from your gorgeous and most radiant soul.


May you feel that love on the inside and know how completely and wholly you are loved.


Much love to you, now and always,



And I included the photo at the top so you can see how truly lovely it really is. :)


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