A little something is always better than nothing, at it just might (be extraordinary) help lead you where you want to go.

A few months ago, I found myself having eaten (too much peanut brittle my grandma had sent for Christmas, out of the freezer.) almost a whole Ziplock freezer bag full of peanut brittle my grandma had sent for Christmas

I was on a mega sugar high with serious amounts of energy that I just could not contain. So what did I do?

I found myself on Google, and set out to complete a project I’d dreamed of doing for months.

Making a bird feeder. :)

Not a fancy kind, just any simple peanut butter stuffed pine cone one would work.

You see, there was even a beauty to this. Almost exactly a year earlier, when I had just moved here, I had been sitting out in the backyard when a pine cone fell and landed by my feet. I was giddy with excitement and just like that, another one fell a little ways over!

I gathered them up and brought them inside.

(That night I heart a loud popping sound that that I thought were sparks of electricity!)

I had kept them inside as treasure all year long and now I thought, how amazing would it be to use it to create a bird feeder and place it back outside to be of service…

Nature had given me the surprise gift of a pine cone and now I thought it was my turn to use that very same gift to give a surprise to the birds. A returning of what had been given in a way as a service and a thank you, of sorts. Somewhat of a circle of life (of a pine cone), if you will.

But I remember that I didn’t have any of the ingredients needed, so I set out to find a different way.

Google was very helpful.

Did you know you can make a bird feeder with melted coconut oil and quinoa?!

I didn’t even have real bird seed, but read that quinoa could be used in a pinch. So I measured out the last of my quinoa (Dino was a fan of overseeing this project, in case any might spill), I found myself smiling, so excited at the exploration of what I might create. How this might turn out.

And after leaving it in the refrigerator to cool for the designated amount of time, Dino and I plucked them carefully from the shelf and placed them outside, hanging one on a tree branch and placing the other on the tray of a broken bird feeder attached to the back (top of the) fence.

It was such a delight to see the birds that came. I still remember the moment a sweet little bird, a kind I’d never seen before

And I realized, the birds didn’t care if I had birdseed. They didn’t care if I had a perfect shiny new bird feeder waiting for them.

They only wanted me to show up.

I was amazed that with just my little make-shift bird feeder that didn’t even contain/have real seed, the birds still appeared!

It made my day, and I found myself smiling and giddy, so thankful for this surprise, even the Stellar’s Jay (who I call Blue Hopper, or just Hopper for short) appeared the next morning as I took Dino out into the yard before breakfast.

They brought such delight. And still do, they still return even though I haven’t put out any new feed. (Maybe I should do that one of these days. :) )

But I was so captivated that I sat at the window, watching the feeder, and the cute little bird who had decided my quinoa coconut oil “seed” was good enough, and I found myself compelled to write.

I sketched out a cute little memo for myself to remember, thinking one day I might share it with you. And I guess that day is here, so here it is. May it brighten your day and help you decide what you can do to show up for nature, for your life, for whatever it is that inspires you. A little bit of something, even something you think is disastrously imperfect, can have just the love and gift it needs to become something truly extraordinary.

For it’s the imperfect things, that actually become the most radiant, stunning, and extraordinary ones of all.

Much love, always and forever,


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